Our video work focuses on nature and adventure. For example, these two videos below of Charlotte and Tracey are about two passionate young women who have found their dream jobs working outdoors. Charlotte is a marine campaigner at The Wilderness Society, who travelled with us in 2014 up the NSW coast inspiring people to think about the future of the ocean, while Tracey has just been employed as an Indigenous ranger, and aspires to reconnect with her country. See below some of the places Charlotte visited with us on her marine campaign trip connecting with locals, while we filmed her story and other documentaries.

And, these two stories below are about two men from Sydney, who have dedicated their own money and time to help conserve nature. Richard owns Manly Dive Centre, and helped turned the waters around Shelly Beach into an aquatic reserve, while Dave created Whale Spotter and works with natural history artists at the University of Newcastle to create some beautiful whale postcards to share with families who he meets on top of North Head in Manly, while he is whale spotting throughout winter. We featured their stories in the Inspiring the Next Generation stream at the 2014 ICUN’s World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia, as a part of a Manly eco tour in project.

And, we have been experimenting with storytelling through writing and short videos in our multimedia feature

This online documentary project (2012-2013), looks into the culture of poaching, and the violence and insecurity it can bring. This heartfelt investigative story documents the impact of violence and poaching on the friends of Jairo Mora, a turtle conservationist, who sadly has become famous around the world after he was murdered by poachers in Moin, Costa Rica. Jairo was murdered just over a year after we filmed for a documentary looking into the dark undertones of the pristine eco paradise of Costa Rica around the Osa Peninsula, where another conservationist was murdered by poachers, Kimberly Blackwell. So, we decided to combine the screen component of our work with an online interactive element, so that we can get a better understanding of this issue which is prevalent in many countries around the world.