The Map to Paradise (documentary) blog, 10 January 2017 – present 2019, Bluebottle Films.

Australia’s ocean community shows its support for The Map to Paradise, 9th January 2019, Bluebottle Films.

Collaborating with artists, 6 January 2019, Bluebottle Films.

Interview with Kim Feldmann de Britto, Surf Simply, 14th October 2018.

Interview with Nick Rheinberger, 97.3 Australian Broadcast Corporation Radio – Illawarra, 5th September 2018.

Mapping out a path to an ocean paradise, 14th August 2018, How Not to Sail a Boat.

News – a royal reception for The Map to Paradise, 9 July 2018, Bluebottle Films.

Profile on co-director Danielle Ryan, 22 June 2018, Freunde Von Freunden.

Musée Océanographique: a special audience gathered from all over the world to the discovery of “The Map to Paradise”, 12th June 2018, Hello Monaco.

Ocean Day: screening of the film ‘Map to Paradise,’ 11th June 2018, Monaco Channel.

One Ocean Expedition’s whale voyage featured in ‘The Map to Paradise’ documentary, 8th June 2018, One Ocean Expeditions.

The quest to protect the sea – The Map to Paradise film, 8 June 2018, #NatureForAll.

The magic of Komodo’s reefs, 5 June 2018, Diveplanit.

Celebrating World Ocean Day with Valerie Taylor AM, 11-17 June  2017, Pittwater Online News, about The Last Sea Treasure. 

Wild Women: meet the filmmaker on a quest to save the ocean, 6 January 2017, 1 Million Women Blog.

The Map to Paradise, 18 December 2017, Pittwater Online News.

Aussie directors set to plot a map to paradise, 7 December 2016, Brag Magazine, about The Map to Paradise.

Video for Taronga Zoo/TRAFFIC’s launch of a new wildlife trade app17 July 2016 Upworthy.

Aerial photographs show how a once lush coastline is left devastated by climate change as 10,000 hectares of mangroves die along a 700km stretch, 11 July 2016, Daily Mail, photos from the Saltwater Secrets shoot with Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Horseman protests on Sydney Harbour Bridge against clearing vegetation, 23 June 2016, Sydney Morning Herald, about farmer Glenn Morris, who stars in Restoring Earth. 

A sea of dead mangroves,10 July 2016, ABC, photos from Northern Territory ocean documentary shoot with Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Underwater legend Val Taylor campaigns again for Coral Sea, 14 April 2016, Radio National Breakfast ABC, about The Last Sea Treasure. 

Local Property Featured in Documentary, 13 April 2016, Inverell Times, about Restoring Earth. 

Restoring Earth doco examines land clearing and its solutions, 13 April 2016, Echonet Daily, about Restoring Earth. 

What does land clearing have to do with the food on your plate?, 5 April 2016, 1 Million Women Blog, about Restoring Earth. 

A new documentary highlights bush tucker opportunities, 5 April 2016, Nambucca Guardian, about Restoring Earth. 

Northern Rivers farmers feature in new documentary5 April 2016, Northern Star, about Restoring Earth. 

Pam Brook from Brookfarm on ‘Restoring Earth’ the movie5 April 2016, Bay FM, about Restoring Earth. 

Restoring Earth, 31 March 2016, Live Byron, about Restoring Earth. 

David Lowes organic history part of new documentary, 2 March 2016, Mudgee Guardian, about Restoring Earth.

Clearing the air, not the land, 19 February 2016, Central West Daily, about Restoring Earth.

Strong focus in Coral Sea film screening tonight in Rocky, 18 February 2016, The Morning Bulletin, about The Last Sea Treasure.

The Last Sea Treasure, 18 February 2016, Deep Reef Explorer Blog, about The Last Sea Treasure.

Doco deepens coral sea focus, 12 February 2016, Cairns Post, about The Last Sea Treasure.

The underwater release of Andrew the sea turtle by Taronga Zoo, 1 February 2016, featured on Channel 9 News.

Fish out of water: why does it matter that fish are migrating further?, 21 January 2016, Million Women Blog, about The Map to Paradise.

Sharks to become smaller and poorer hunters by century’s end, climate change study suggests, 12 November, 2015, ABC NEWS, featuring a photo of a Port Jackson by us.

United Nations Association Film Festival: ‘Running Out of Time’, 5th October 2015, The Examiner, about The Sea & Me.

WIN: Family to Taronga Zoo to see shark research, 22 September 2015, Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Star, featuring a photo of a Port Jackson by us.

Explore the secret world of sharks, 9 September 2015, Taronga Zoo, featuring a photo of a Port Jackson by us.

You have to dream it to live it!, 18 June 2015, Wildlife Film News, about the making of our marine park documentaries.

All eyes on Whitsundays locals as film premieres, 22 May 2015, Whitsunday Times, about A Journey Through the Eyes of the Reef.

Balancing fishing and conservation: It’s not one or the other, 27 March 2015, The Age, article written by Fishing Australia broadcast star, Rob Paxevanos, who tells his inspiring story about how he changed his attitude from being anti-marine parks to supporting marine protected areas. In his article, he refers to our latest documentary, The Sea & Me. 

Documentary tells story of the ocean and its protectors, 31 March 2015, Noosa News, Sunshine Coast Daily & Fraser Coast Chronicle, about The Sea & Me.

Environmental film to be screened in Maroochydore, 30 March 2015, Gympie Times, about The Sea & Me.

Environmental film to be screened in Maroochydore, 30 March 2015, The Queensland Times & Sunshine Coast Daily, about The Sea & Me.

The Sea & Me for free – film screenings, 27 March 2015, Liquify Magazine, about The Sea & Me.

Marine filmmakers throw light on north coast sanctuaries, 10 March 205, Echonetdaily, about My Saltwater Sanctuary and The Sea & Me.

Farmers tell their own Great Barrier Reef protection story, 19 February 2015, Melbourne Age & Brisbane Times, about Connected by Water.

North Queensland farmers star in WWF film,19 February 2015, Daily Mercury, about Connected by Water.

Caretakers of big blue backyard share stories at free film screening, 10 February 2015, Port Stephens Examiner, about My Saltwater Sanctuary & The Sea & Me.

Seaworthy Film, 30 January 2015, Cairns Sun, about the premiere of The Sea & Me.

Marine Parks in the Spotlight, 16 August 2014, Coffs Coast Advocate, about filming for My Saltwater Sanctuary.

Stories from the field: Borneo, 13 February 2014 & 24 December 2013, Laurent Desarnaud, WWF-Australia Blog writes about the adventure he had with James Sherwood filming micro educational videos.

Sydney Latin American Film Festival, 13 September 2013,  ‘Shortlist’ Sydney Morning Herald features a spider money photo from our doco, Corcovado’s Dark Secret, and shares some information about the story.

Pair Expose Dark Side of Paradise, 6 September 2013, Lauren Murada, North Shore Times

Bondi Beach Radio3 September 2013, Frederick Malouf talks to Danielle about Corcovado’s Dark Secret

2RRR Radio30 August 2013, Chris Virtue interviews James and Danielle about Corcovado’s Dark Secret.

Short film about marine turtles wins at awards, 11 June 2013, The Northern Star, The Sunshine Coast Daily, The Gladstone Observer, Byron News, Fraser Coast Chronicle, The Border Post, Warwick Daily News, Toowoomba Chronicle, Gympie Times, plus other news outlets.

Aurora Short Film Festival, 3 June 2013, Eddie Cockrell, SBS News online

Rescue our flipper-ed friends, 30 May 2013, Amanda Carter, JCNN talks to James about WWF-Australia’s Sending the Gungu Home.

Turtle doco making waves, 23 May 2013, Wild (Prime Creative Media)

@ABC Environment, 22 May 2013, tweets that Sending the Gungu home as a ‘turtle-y excellent doco’.

Vote to save bowen turtles, 8 May 2013, Dominic Geiger, Daily Mercury

Combating child labour in Nicaragua, July 2011, SBS Radio talks to Danielle about Hard Labour

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