The Sea & Me


Tim Winton, Australian author and Patron of the Australian Marine Conservation Society:
“We live on the veranda of the world’s greatest island. It’s our birthright to have a clean ocean, to catch a feed, to interact with nature. And, like any birthright, we have to safeguard it.”

Journey across a number of Australia’s world-class marine parks to learn about how they support species like the highly prized and valued coral trout and lobsters, the graceful manta rays, and the placid grey nurse shark.

But, marine parks support more than life just in the sea. Many Australians living by the sea depend on marine parks for their livelihood as well as their health and wellbeing, and many are taking a stewardship role to care for these areas.

Listen to the first-hand accounts of scientists, researchers, divers, tourist operators and fishermen who have a story to share about ‘the veranda of one of the world’s greatest islands.’

The Sea & Me is a part of an Australia-wide filming project documenting the science and the experiences of locals, who live beside marine reserves. It has toured all the way around Australia to capital and rural cities thanks to the project sponsors:: the Save Our Marine Life Alliance, Marine Conservation Society, Nature Conservation Council, The Wilderness Society and The Nature Conservation Council.

This documentary has successfully inspired a constructive dialogue in the community, when it comes to caring for the marine environment. For example, in. Balancing fishing and conservation: It’s not one or the other27 March 2015, The Age, Fishing Australia broadcast star, Rob Paxevanos, tells his inspiring story about how he changed his attitude from being anti-marine parks to supporting marine protected areas. He refers to The Sea & Me as an educational resource for understanding the science behind marine parks.

Check out a gallery of production stills from the Australia marine reserves filming trip, as well as some of the event photos from the film screenings in March 2015 for The Sea & Me and for My Saltwater Sanctuary,

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