Saltwater Secrets

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An ex-mud crab fisherman picks up his swag and hooks up his boat to his 4 wheel drive and heads off on an adventure to find out why change is inflicting his homeland; one of the most wild and remote places still left on Earth. Lloyd Beck takes off on his road trip around the Top End of Australia, starting out in the Arafura Sea around Darwin before heading down to the Gulf of Carpentaria. He explores some of the world’s last most intact mangrove forests lining the muddy shorelines, and travels out to the clearer waters where corals flourish, and to undeveloped islands where marine turtles nest. He reveals northern Australia’s undiscovered beauty, as well as the fragility of its coastal and ocean landscape, in the face of big global changes impacting on the world today.

Commissioned by Keep Top End Coasts Health & the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Saltwater Secret