2012 Corcovado filming production stills

Danielle walking through the jungle with Mauricio and Filander.

Mauricio, Filander (rangers), Reporter (danielle)_walking

James carrying his gear.

James(cameraman)_carrying tripod through jungle
Danielle trekking through jungle.

Danielle(reporter)_looking back at camera

Mauricio and Filander find a shipwreck on the beach.

Mauricio_Filander_playing with shipwreck

Joy the Macaw was poached from a very young age. She now lives with Carol Crews as the Osa Wildlife Refuge.

© James Sherwood

Monkeys, including spider monkeys, make very popular pets in Costa Rica.

© James Sherwood

Poachers tried to steal Lola from her cage at the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary.

© James Sherwood

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